El Ajolí is a 100% Huelva brand dedicated to the design and production of flamenco dresses, dresses and skirts for dance and shows, and ruffled long train flamenco skirts. It also creates wedding dresses and dresses for special occasions.

Behind the brand El Ajolí we find the Huelva designer Pepe Jiménez (San Bartolomé de la Torre, 1947), who began his business endeavour in 1981 with a small workshop in his hometown. His prolific mind never stopped inventing as his wife Pepa directed the seamstresses that brought the threads and fabrics to life. Together they produced the dresses Pepe had dreamed of.

Pepe Jiménez was the only flamenco designer on the Cibeles catwalk during the 1989 season. His designs have been on the catwalks in Belmoda (Granada), the Andalusian Fashion Catwalk in París (Follies Bergère) and the different editions of SIMOF.

His daughters, Susana y Begoña Jiménez, currently follow in his footsteps and continue giving El Ajolí the special touch that has characterized the firm for years.

Susana (San Bartolomé de la Torre, 1973) studied Advertising and Public Relations and then began her professional career working behind the counter in 1997.

Begoña (San Bartolomé de la Torre, 1975) studied Design and Fashion and Industrial Pattern making. She is in charge of the sewing workshop in San Bartolomé, the same one her father started, which is still the hub for the creations produced by this innovative family. She directs the handcrafted work of a numerous group of dressmakers who form an indispensable part of the El Ajolí family.

Together they form an incomparable team. They design by dreaming and dream by designing. They work in accordance with the tastes of the client without sacrificing the brand’s distinctive mark.



For El Ajolí the use of high quality materials is fundamental. Chiffon, natural silk, top-quality cottons. Poplin, perforated cambric, lycra and knits. The adornments are chosen with great care and attention to detail so that they are the most appropriate for the fabrics.

All of this permeates the workshop in San Bartolomé and conforms the pieces that we are proud to show off because the Jiménez family is behind them.

This brand does not only live for beautiful designs. Its dressmaking follows the path of what is traditional, shows respect for old-fashioned sewing techniques, and takes pleasure in that which is well done and hand made.

El Ajolí is different. Its dresses stand out in any social event, combining originality and tradition perfectly.

It was not in vain that Pepe Jiménez completely transformed the flamenco dress, turning it into what is today the only regional dress that evolves and changes every fashion season.

El Ajolí’s client list is numerous and varied. Many show business personalities and film stars have chosen the brand. A very special one of them is Mattell’s Barbie doll. On many occasions, the toy brand has dressed its well-known doll in El Ajolí designs for catwalks and exhibits and has even marketed a model called “Andalusian Barbie”.

We can proudly say that our city has the best flamenco fashion brand in the country. And the good news is that El Ajolí still has plenty of flounces to cut and sew.